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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Texas Chainsaw Musical at Bootless Stageworks

When I heard that Bootless Stageworks was producing The Texas Chainsaw Musical, I was very intrigued. From the moment you walk into the Black Box Theatre at Opera Delaware Studios (4 Poplar Street in Wilmington), you know you're in for something fun and over-the-top. The curtain is painted to look like pieces of flesh, but not in a grotesque way.

The Texas Chainsaw Musical is not based on the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Rather, it is about the inspiration for that movie--Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein. The Texas Chainsaw Musical follows Eddy Gee as he torments the residents of Plainfield, Texas. Shaun Yates as Eddy is a complete psychopath who needs professional help. Normally, that wouldn't be a complement, but I have a feeling that's exactly with Shaun was going for. The music in this show is extremely catchy, and despite Eddy's psychotic behavior, he has a great voice. Part of the humor and charm of this show is all of the beautiful music about murder.

We also follow a very naive Kristy (Karina Croskey), as she travels to be a model in Texas, and Steve (Pat Shane), the hopeless boy who loves her. Aside from Eddy, Eddy's girlfriend Lucretia, Kristy, and Steve, the remaining members of the company play various characters. Out of all of the townspeople, Tara Herweg really stands out. She plays Eddy's overbearing, border-line inappropriate mother in the first half of the show, and a nun in the second half. Both of these characters are so incredibly different, but Tara really shines in each part.

As the pieces start to fall into place throughout the show, you can see where things are going. It's a common theme in many horror stories, but The Texas Chainsaw Musical has an ending that I did not see coming. Aside from the great music and over-the-top comedy, the other element of this show that makes it a lot of fun for the audience is the SPLATTER ZONE. It's a musical about a serial killer, so obviously there is going to be a bit of gore.

Shows at Bootless Stageworks tend to sell out, especially since there are so few performances. There are two 8pm shows left this weekend, on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27. If you are a horror movie fan, or you just like entertaining shows, I recommend checking out The Texas Chainsaw Musical. It's a lot of fun. For ticket information, and to buy tickets online, you can go to

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