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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Story of My Life at the Delaware Theatre Company

Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy. When you're tasked with writing the eulogy, nothing you can say seems like it's enough. That's what best-selling author Tom Weaver has to do. The Story of My Life is about two lifelong friends who just seemed to grow apart somehow, as young friends sometimes do. Tom Weaver (Ben Dibble) has to give the eulogy at his best friend's funeral, like he promised when they were 10. Even though Alvin Kelby (Rob McClure) dies before the play begins, he continues to try to inspire his friend Tom to write his eulogy, and deal with his emotions and guilt about Alvin's death.

Alvin and Tom making an important promise to one another at age 10. Photo credit: Matt Urban

The Story of My Life is such a touching musical about the importance of friendship. You could not find two better actors to play Tom and Alvin. The relationship that these two extremely talented men have on stage is so real that you can almost touch it. Neil Bartram's wonderful score is expertly conducted by Music Director Tom Fosnocht. Scenic Designer Dirk Durosette created an interesting set, made up of pages and bookshelves strewn about the stage all in white. The stage itself was like a page from a book, a page inside of Tom's head. That is a theme in this show, the feeling that there are thousands of stories in Tom's head, waiting for him to just write one down. Lighting Designer Jim Leitner was able to create changes on mood and the passing of time through colorful lights projected onto the white set.

Tom Weaver (Ben Dibble, right) trying to deliver the eulogy of his friend Alvin (Rob McClure, left). Photo credit: Matt Urban

The songs throughout the show paint us a picture of small moments throughout a great friendship: from Mrs. Remington's Halloween Parade where Alvin dressed up as a ghost of his dead mother and Tom was her favorite character from their favorite movie, It's a Wonderful Life, to their Christmas tradition of making snow angels. All of these moments seem so incredibly small, but they make a huge impact on Tom and Alvin's lives, like ripples turning into waves. It's a wonderfully touching show that should not be missed. Not to mention it's your chance to see Tony Award nominee Rob McClure in action. Both men deliver incredible performances. Without a believable relationship, this show would not work as well as it does at the Delaware Theatre Company.

Alvin (Rob McClure, right) trying to inspire Tom (Ben Dibble, left) to write his eulogy. Photo credit: Matt Urban

The Story of My Life runs at the Delaware Theatre Company through December 22. The show runs 90 minutes with no intermission. For tickets, call 302-594-1104 or visit

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