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Last updated 11:30pm May 6, 2010

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Current Traffic Incidents & Information:

DE-41: Lancaster Pike from Yorklyn Rd to Brackenville Rd, 1 lane of traffic each way on the NB side for roadwork.

Edgemoor Rd: EB is CLOSED at the Gov Printz Blvd for construction until Aug 19th. No access onto SB I-495.

I-95: NB is JAMMED and CRAWLING from Rt 72, thru the marsh, onto I-295 to the @demembridge. #NetDE

Milltown Rd: Is CLOSED BOTH WAYS just W of Limestone Rd for bridge work until the end of August.

Old Baltimore Pike: At Old Cooches Bridge Rd, report of an accident w/injuries. #NetDE

Construction-related Travel Information:

DE-896: NB over I-95, the L lane is blocked 24/7 for construction.

DE-896: SB at I-95, construction squeezes you from two lanes to one and traffic flips to the NB side of the road.

Edgemoor Rd.: EB CLOSED at Governor Printz Blvd. for bridge repairs until further notice. Detours to I-495 are posted

I-95: NB off ramp to NB Rt 896 is still CLOSED for construction. The ramp onto SB Rt 896 is open.

Woodlawn Rd: Is CLOSED between Rt 202 and Thompsons Bridge Rd for utility work until further notice.

WSTW Beach TrafficWatch:
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